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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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the unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, and we have a lot of work to do. >> that work will begin on foreign soil days after taking a shellacking in the midterm elections. he gets the heck out of dodge. >> i'm certain that the american people don't want us just standing still, and they don't want us engaged in gridlock. >> his ten-day tour of asia is the longest foreign trip of his presidency. first stop, india. rising power, population more than a billion and a key strategic partner. the president will focus on trade, security and counterterrorism. in mumbai the president and first lady will stay at the taj mahal plaza hotel, scene of the deadly terror attack in 2008. from mumbai he goes to new delhi. next up jakarta, indonesia. he lived there for four years as a child and remains hugely popular there.
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seoul, south korea for the g-20 summits and japan and another economic summit. white the president jets to a a asia, republicans are flying high and slamming his policies. >> there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other democrat leaders the message that was sent by the american people. >> absolutely it's about president obama's policies. >> the president signals he's ready for compromise. he'll meet with gop leaders on november 18th and promises to keep the focus on what he says voters want, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> i am open to any idea, any proposal, any way we can get the economy growing faster so that people who need work can find it faster. >> there we have it right, the man on the job at the white house for us. mike, explain what we hear about this new report. >> reporter: there's some positive news here. the president pointed out today it's the tenth straight month of private sector growth. from a political standpoint the
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unemployment rate is still at 9.6%. economists say it has to grow a great deal more and faster, the gdp growing at 2% to 3%. if the ununemployment rate comes down, 151,000 jobs added last month but unemployment is steady at 9.6%. so the economy grows not fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate. obviously the political imperative to that number has diminished. the next election after all is two years away, but there are 15 million people still out of work in this country, and that's what democrats, policymakers all across washington want to work on in the lame duck session beginning november 18th, thomas. >> let's talk about what we referenced in the open about the president's to you of asia. he's visiting four different countries in ten days. what's the focus of this trip? also, focus on the cost of this trip so we can aum understand it >> reporter: let's start with the cost.
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$200 million day was reported in some of the indian media. white house officials and department of defense officials called that comical. it was reported there were 34 war ships off the coast of india to accompany that trip. having said that, the white house -- the white house doesn't talk about the specifics in terms of cost, because that would give people hints as to the security and layers of security. obviously, security is going to be very high. he starts in india. this is a reciprocal visit. prime minister singh was here last time, the salahis crashed the state dinner. they're reciprocating in india. he goes to indonesia and visits a mosque and making a speech to a big crowd. in japan and south korea it's the go-20 and asia-pacific conference. big focus on jobs and the economy. >> how can we forget about the
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salahis when they were a hot halloween costume? >> reporter: only a year ago when they came into our lives. >> thanks, mike. joining me live is professor robert riech, former secretaries of labor, and chancellor professor of public policy at university of california at berkeley. he's also the author of "aftershock: the next economy and the country's future." at the end of your term, the unemployment rate was at 4.9%. right now the unemployment rate is stuck at this 9.6% number. compare and contrast the situation when you served as secretary of labor to the situation we face now. >> thomas, it was entirely different. at that time in the 1990s we were coming out of a moderate recession. right now we're barely coming ouft of the severest recession since the great depression. >> employers adding 151,000
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sdwrjobs in october. this is the most we've seen in five months. what's the reaction to these numbers. it's modest recovery. >> thomas, it's very good. remember, we need 125,000 just to keep up with new entrance into the labor force, just the population expansion in the united states that is natural. that means that 159,000 private sector jobs, that's good. that's certainly the right trend, but that's only a little small drop in the bucket. we are 15 million jobs behind right now. in fact, if you consider all of the people who have come into the labor market who are eligible to work, we are behind about 22 million jobs, and at the rate we're going now, it will take many, many years to get back all that we've lost. >> let's talk about future job creation. current secretary of labor solis said at harvard through the recovery act we invested in 1289 green jobs training programs to make careers in other clean
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energy sources available to americans throughout the u.s. do you think this is where we should invest in terms of the future for the middle class and finding new job opportunities? >> thomas, certainly green jobs, if you define green jobs as all of the jobs involved in insulation, new energy, alternative energy, that's going to be a big part of our economy in five to ten years. in the mediaimmediate a lot of jobs come in health care. remember, the baby boomers are all starting to retire. you have 76 million baby boomers. they're all going to need a lot of health care. health care expenditures for good or evil are going up, and there's a lot of jobs in health care. there are probably a lot of personal service jobs beyond health care, but the real question is are there enough consumers with enough money to buy all of the services that people really need in order to maintain jobs? right now it doesn't look like there are. consumers are still very frugal
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and shell-shocked and are saying money. it's going to be a while before consumers feel comfortable again. >> in 1995 the minimum wage under you was 5.75. here we're 15 years later, 2010, it's now 7.25 per hour. in your estimation is that where it should be 15 years later where it's 5.75 and just 7.25 now? >> no, the minimum wage adjusted for inflation, the minimum wage has gone barely anywhere, yet, people at the top of the wage scale have nefr done better and people in the bottom 10% of our wage scale are barely holding on at all, even if they have a job. the rate of poverty is going up. no, we need a higher minimum wage, thomas, but i wouldn't increase it right now. wait until the economy is starting to recover before you raise the minimum wage. >> robert reich, thank you. good to see you. outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi says she has no regrets
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and she's making another bid at a leadership post. luke russert joins on capitol hill today. the congressional committee statement apelosi said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, of course if house democrats are willing to sacrifice more of their members in 2012 for the glory of nancy pelosi, we're happy to oblige them. what do you think is going to happen to pelosi? >> reporter: it's interesting, thomas. it's become the ultimate parlor game. where is she going? right now nancy pelosi herself doesn't know, but there are arguments for pelosi staying and going. let me give you a few for her staying. a lot of liberals said nancy pelosi was the most powerful house speaker we've had as a long time as a democrat. she passed health care reform and did everything that house democrats wanted her to do, and she couldn't get through through the senate. why should her head be the only one to roll? why isn't president obama
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shaking up his staff? why does nancy pelosi have to go? the counterargument is people say, look, nancy pelosi is too toxic to lead the democratic party anymore. she lost 49 incumbents she had i believe in our nbc/wall street journal poll about an 8% positive ratings among independents. those aren't good going into 2012 when she would be laced around the neck. president obama in swing states also. republicans made huge inroads in ohio, pennsylvania and virginia by coming out against nancy pelosi. from today we heard from a few democrat moderates, heath schuler from north carolina, jim matheson from utah saying the party needs to go forward in a different direction. it's interesting to see when pelosi makes that decision. nobody knows for sure, thomas. nobody knows at all. people think it has to happen sooner rather than later, because the democratic party in flux is not good for anybody
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because they're concentrated around a central message and everything's in limbo. they want to be organized heading into next week. >> a liberal group, americans united for change put together this thank you speaker website. when i hear that and think thank you, i think thank you, bye-bye. it's a kind way of saying, we need you to move on. other people say this is a way to keep her in place. what's your thought there whether you hear about this? >> in all honesty you have to look at her standing among progressives and liberals. she is loved. she went up and never compromised democratic principles and fought the good fight. if anything, thank you for all the work did you for liberal progressive causes over the last two years. i would want her to stick around, not see the leadership to someone like steny howier that light are skeptical of though he's been in the leadership for the last two years. thomas.
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>> i'm such a skeptic. it's my nature, i guess. two overnight plane crashes to talk about, and there are no survivors. in pakistan 22 people were killed after a pilot ordered engine troubles. he was ordered to return to the airport but it went down in an open field. a plane crashed in a mountainous area after declaring an emergency last night, 68 people died. this morning a quantas 747 had to return to singapore and this is after material failure or faulty design was the cause of an engine blowout yesterday. the emergency forced the plane to also land in singapore. the company has grounded all six of its a-380s as it currently investing. a new setback today in the launch of nasa "discovery" shuttle. it was set to take off later
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today. already four days behind schedule, but a hydrogen gas leak discovered midway through the fueling process has grounded the shuttle once again. we'll have more details later this hour from the kennedy space center in florida. tomas is back to hurricane strength and hitting haiti as we speak. how the devastated country is dealing with this storm. remember that 2-year-old chain-smoking toddler from indonesia? it sparked worldwide outrage. we found him and we'll tell you what's happening with him now. asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands.
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hurricane tomas is batters haiti bringing more misery to the island.
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the category 1 hurricane is passing west the iland. as much as 10 to 15 inches of rain is threatening haitians living in the unstable tent camps. jim cantore joins us now. it is raining some, correct? >> it was this morning. we were really concerned this morning. these hillsides were obscure because of the heavy rain, and then there was a wash area developing. you can see the steep topography through here, but as we pan down, you can see this same wash area that we were looking at earlier, this pretty much, you know, was kind of a running creek, if you will. this is just one of many areas along these hillsides that will run right down into port-au-prince. as a result of this, there has been some localized flooding. we have seen pictures on twitter of some of the tenths that have collapsed because of the rain, and maybe a little bit of wind.
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at the airport which by the way is closed until at least saturday has had wind gusts as high as tropical storm force, but that's it. that's what we've seen here so far. we cannot say hey, we're out of the woods yet completely here, but hearing reports from down in port-au-prince, some of the locals say this is not the heaviest rainstorm we've seen this year. i caution everybody to say it's not over here yet. what i emeteorological right now is certainly a sign of good news here for this part of port-au-prince anyway. back to you. >> jim, certain parts have been evacuated, these unstable tent cities where they all live currently. they're saflly evacuated or in the process of being evacuated sf. >> the not everything. there's a tent city down in a floodplain, thomas, of about 10,000 people and only 2,000 of those people left. most of them were women and small children. this is like -- you know, since these people have been knocked out of their homes in january, their space, their tent is it.
12:18 pm
all their belongings are in that, and they are very, very adamant about leaving. they know when they come back, somebody else may take their space. that's just kind of the way it is around here, and unfortunately, you know, even with that threat looming, people were very reluctant to leave. that's why numbers like i was saying, 2,000 out of 10,000 left. you know, thank goodness women, small children, people that can't fend for themselves obviously got out of harm's way and hopefully, you know, this will stay like this. heavy downpours means big problems down in port-au-prince. all of it funnels down like a bowl into the city. airport is closed until saturday. back to you. >> jim cantore in port-au-prince, haiti. the judge stopped proceedings yesterday after announcing that a three-judge panel in denver had agreed to hear a motion by the defense to
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move the trial out of utah. lawyers say their client can't get a fair trial in utah because of all the publicity. he's charged with kidnapping elizabeth smart when she was 14 years old. a fierce fire destroys a historic railroad bridge on the mississippi river. they planned to turn it into a recreational pier. it was built in 1895. in palm beach county, florida police are questioning a teacher accused of biting a 5-year-old autistic student on the arm. the teacher has been fired. the republican leader in the senate wants president obama out of the white house come 2012. what the president needs to do to get re-elected. first, a look at what's hot on the web. here's what people read on costco is warning consumer by cheese. the bravo farms dutch style raw
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welcome back, everybody. today the latest numbers somehow the unemployment rate stuck at 9.6% for the third state month. the president has acknowledged america is frustrated with the slow pace of the economy and
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he's vowing to do better. what does he need to do better? jonathon alter joins me to talk about this. while we talk about the latest unemployment numbers today, the president said he was open to ideas that could be coming from the right or left to get the economy moving faster, but what does he need to do different this time around to get the economy right and also to fulfill what the base needs? >> you know, i think he's less concerned about the base, which actually came out for him pretty well in these midterms, even though he got clobbered, than he is about just bringing that unemployment rate down. so what they're focused on now, i think, are areas where there could be some common ground with republicans and examining a whole series of ideas. they haven't committed to these yet. there are a payroll tax holiday. right now employers and employees each pay 7.65% right off the top of every paycheck. if you lowered that to say 4%,
12:25 pm
4.5%, you would put a lot of money into people's pockets per year. you would put a lot of money into people's pockets, you know, to spend and generate demand, and you would also incentivize employers to hire more people. >> it's called tax holiday. >> holiday to me means one thing. a year would be really niece. >> this would be one idea to give a permanent tax credit for research and development. again, encouraging businesses to innovate. these are the moderate ideas that maybe both parties could pick up on. here's one more that relates to what some viewers are thinking. if you want to go start a restaurant, say, or buy a computer for a home business, there's one proposal that would allow you to write off 100% of that. it's called accelerated
12:26 pm
depreciation on new equipment. again, something that, you know, generates growth, gets people thinking about investing and expanding. these ideas have been kicking around. there were tax cuts in bahama's original stimulus. he's cut taxes for small business already several times, but you're going to see more of this kind of thing to get things moving. >> as you said the president needs to come back and be a little more moderate. mitch mcconnell said they're open to having the president come to the table and come up with ideas to come together on this. do you think this is all talk? we're getting back to this left and right fight that's going to have just point to the left, point to the right and they'll blame etch ear. >> there's an awful lot of that. they can set aside the blame game and get things done. remember, republicans have some responsibility. they're a governing party. they can't be the party of now or as john boehner said, hell no
12:27 pm
anymore. they won't get them relocated in 2012 or push obama out. the same way both bill clinton and newt gingrich in the republican party went up in the polls after they started to work together, there are some advantages here to at least some level of cooperation amid all the eye gouging at the line of scrimmage. >> there are 15 million unemployed americans that want to know what they're going to get down, because it's about time. a lot of people want to see positive solutions coming up. great to have you with us. >> thanks, thomas. >> we're talking about the final lunch of the space shuttle discovery and the fact it's scrubbed once again. we're live at the kennedy space center. you remember this kid, the chain-smoking toddler in indonesia making headlines around the world. it turns out he's not the only one catching a fog. ned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now.
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts. there were bombing at two mosques in pakistan today. the first one killed at least 50 people. several people were wounded in the second blast. employers added 151,000 jobs last month. that is the most in five months. the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.6%, though. ft. hood is honoring the soldiers and civilians for their actions a year ago today. 13 people were killed and more than 30 injured. a memorial stone will be unveiled later today. a new study claims obesity is contagious among friends. having four obese friends can double your chance of becoming fat compared to people with no fat friends. three days after the election, the people of connecticut still don't know who is the next governor. even though they say the race between democrat dan malloy and foley are too close to call, both candidates are claiming victory. who is packing up? kevin is a former state legislator in connecticut and
12:32 pm
writing a political column. explain to us, the votes are still counted in bridgeport and we've seen reports of a lot of problems there, including 3500 miscounted votes. on election night they ran out of ballots forcing them to extend voting by two hours. why so many mishaps in bridgeport? >> bridgeport was just a disaster. the registrar of voters in charge of elections in each community failed to order the right number of ballots. they ordered a third of the ballots compared to the number of registered voters and more people showed up than there were ballots for. they put them on the copy machine and handed out ballots. when they realized what a mess it was, they went to court to have the voting hours extended for two years and there was a general air of chaos in bridgeport on election night and it has continued in connecticut with the assistance of completely incompetent state officials in the secretary of state's office. >> officials say it will take
12:33 pm
about a week to certify these results, once all the votes are actually counted. yesterday each candidate declaring a victory. how does that happen? >> well, because if you don't add the votes for bridgeport. >> the votes in bridgeport was substantial for malloy. >> it adds to the suspicions of republican tom foley because the secretary of state is our own version of katherine harris on steroids announced on wednesday without having a complete count of the numbers that dan malloy had won by 3,000 votes and no one had -- she couldn't explain how she reached that number that conclusion. so the chaos has been added to, and there's a lot of uncertainty that really adds to the skepticism that can pop up in a close election like this. over 1.1 million votes were
12:34 pm
cast. so by any measure it's close. >> the campaigns aren't backing down but are standing firm about the fact they have won. >> it looks like dan malloy has won, but tom foley is insisting he have time to look at these numbers and figure out what his options are. you know, the weekend is -- i think it's okay to do that, but he's going to look graceless after monday if he hasn't come to some reasonable conclusion. in all likelihood he's lost. >> everybody take the weekend and cooldown. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. the republican candidate for alaska senate says his opponent's victory speech may be premature. he trails by 13,000 votes but it's not clear how many are more senator lisa muir cowcy who launch aid write-in campaign to keep her seat at miller beat her in the primary. miller tells msnbc news he can still win. >> frank lip i think we're going to pull ahead, at least not head
12:35 pm
in the 13,000 votes but will pull ahead. this race is not done until the ballots are counted, so the ultimate end woenlt be decided for a couple of weeks. >> you remember miller was backed by the tea party and endorsed by sarah palin. he says palin's impact on the race was positive and if she runs for the presidency, yeah, he'd support her. the tea party is headed to washington, and whether republicans like it or not, they're bringing along an ambitious agenda that may or may not mesh with the established leadership that is there. i'm joined by newly elected tea party candidate senator-elect mike lee from utah. it's great to have you with us today, and congratulations about your future going to washington. you're one of the four tea party candidates newly elected to the senate. have you been in contact with the other three yet to talk about what it's like to be freshmen senators? >> i've been in contact with a couple of them, yes, and i've also calls from well-wishing
12:36 pm
incumbent senators from around the country. i look forward to working with all of them. >> what was it like to know you had the support of the tee party and what were the people coming out to support you that wanted to send you to d.c.? >> well, just like all americans, there are people throughout utah concerned that our federal government has become too big and too expensive. over the last year and a half or so, americans have gotten very skilled at expressing what kind of federal government dhoent want. we're now moving into a different phase where we are talking about the kind of federal government we do want. that's what we saw out of the election the other night, americans speaking in mass about what they want and don't want out of their federal government. >> do you worry about being in the senate minority? >> look, we have been in the minority for the last few years, and we've got less of a might not status than we did as of a few days ago. so i look forward to the increased numbers in the senate and look forward to what's happening in 2012. i think we'll see more gains at
12:37 pm
that the point. in the meantime we continue to state our message and reach across the aisle. look, the message of the tea party at end of the day is one of limited federal power. that's all it is. it doesn't have to be uniquely republican or democrat, uniquely conservative or liberal. it focuses on not what is the role of government in general but what's the role of the federal government? there are a lot of critical questions people have. a lot of government programs people may want, but those government programs might be more effectively carried out at the state and local level. >> senator-electrici lee, let's over the senators that ran as a tea party candidates. it's marco r bu io in florida, rand paul in kentucky, ron johnson in wisconsin and of course you, sir, in utah. when the four of you get together, will you come up with your own senatorial caucus. >> that's not clear. i'm not sure we necessarily need our own formal senatorial
12:38 pm
caucus. we have a perspective shared by many republicans in the senate, and i hope even some democrats as well. again, just focusing on things for the need of for a balanced budget amendment, the need to reform aggressively the earmark process and the need to look for ways to shift power back to the states that properly belongs to the states. >> are those the three agenda points you want to strive when you get to washington, the three top things you want to get finished or accomplished? >> there are certainly three of the top priorities, and we're going to start with those. >> okay. sir, what's your relationship with harry reid? >> you know, harry reid is someone na i've known for many years. his son, josh and i, have been friends since the sixth grade, and i look forward to getting to know him as a colleague. >> does that mean there's going to be, you know, if you've known his son, he was a friend of yours growing up, so you look to him as a fatherly figure.
12:39 pm
do you think he will provide proper fatherly advice once you get to d.c.? >> well, we'll see. we'll see. as you may know, he and i don't exactly share the same political philosophy in many respects, but i'm sure there are areas where we can find common ground. >> you may not share the same political philosophy but you share the same title. hopefully you get along whether it comes time to get to work in d.c. great to have you with us. good luck once you get to washington. >> thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. a hydrogen gas leak is the latest in the series of mishaps to ground the final voyage of "discovery." another attempt to launch the shuttle would not be made before monday. we're live from the kennedy space center in florida. so this is really just more bad luck, jay, for this launch? it was already scheduled for four days ago. tell us what brought on this gas leak and how they discovered it? >> thomas, they had this same problem a year ago on two
12:40 pm
different launches. it's greater today. it's a little bigger, but it's going to take them -- they laid out the plan. it will take them to at least monday before they can fix it, and hopefully they can launch at 12:53 p.m. monday. if not, they're going to have to put off the shot until the 30th of november. what's at stake here is they have three more shuttle launches. america and its 16 international partners on the international space station want to operate that space station for another decade. this was president obama's idea. the funding is there to do it. they've got to have the vehicles to take up all the spare parts and to take up all the supplies. that's why they need these three right here, and it's getting a little hectic because we've been going through the whole week here trying to get "discovery" off the ground on its launch, and it looks like it may not go until november 30th. >> do you think, jay, it might get scrapped altogether?
12:41 pm
>> reporter: no, no, no. they have funded, already funded this mission, and they've also funded the february mission. the one mission that has -- that congress has not funded yet is the one for the summer. so they have to do that. that's a possibility of losing that. the next two should go because they really need them for the spare parts and for the supplies for the space station. >> we hold out hope for monday. thank you, sir. good to see you. >> good to see you, thomas. thinking go from bad to worse in indonesia. that volcano is going at it once again torching anything in sight with its 1400-degree heat. we'll explain that. first seven 11 is campaigns. the company reached out to the white house after president obama joked about a slurpee summit on wednesday on the campaign trail. he criticized republicans for drinking slurpees wheeze hi
12:42 pm
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and the people in it. healthy request from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. watching violent programs or video games appears to desensitize teenagers. researchers showed clips of violent scenes to teenage buys and monitored the brain activity. as the boys watched the part linked to emotional reactivity slowed down. it could result in teens more accepting of violence and more likely to commit aggressive acts. welcome back. we'll get you an up date on the kennedy space center.
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will the shuttle "discovery" take off on monday or not? now the nasa has released information over the wire saying that they are going to scrap the postponed shuttle launch until the end of the month, so it will be on november 30th. they were making some repairs to the gas fuel line, but again, they are looking at monday for a possible launch but they've decided to scrap that until the new date of november 30th. the video of him shocked the world. most of you have seen it. it showed the 2-year-old indonesian boy that chain-smoked cigarettes. it sparked outrage earlier this year. we have the latest on the saga. you traveled to indonesia to find this boy? >> a remote fishing village. those images surprised a lot of people, but it turns out it was ant isolated case. that toddler, the young boy, actually got the help that he needed. he was able to go to rehab and get help, but there are so many other child smokers still struggling with the issue of tobacco addiction.
12:47 pm
while this may look like home video of child's play, it's anything but fun and games. this 2-year-old is in addiction rehab in jakarta, indonesia. if he looks familiar, narz a reas reason. this spring he became a viral video sensation when clips of him chain-smoking cigarettes hit the web shocking countless viewers all over the world. >> translator: i asked him who lit your cigarette? he said, i can do it myself. the first day he smoked half a pack. >> reporter: within five months he was up to four packs a day. >> translator: i didn't know how to make him stop. >> reporter: turns out he needed professional help. as word of his habit went global, embarrassed local government officials stepped in. they flew him to indonesia's capital, gentlemjakarta.
12:48 pm
he went through five weeks of intensive treatment for tobacco rehab for a 2-year-old. he's now rediscovering his childhood, but for so many other indonesian kids that aren't internet sensations, theirs is going up in smoke. the government estimates 25% of indonesian children over the age of 3 have tried cigarettes and more than 3% are regular smokers. i feel good when i smoke says this 9-year-old. he started last year when a friend gave him a cigarette. for some it's a family affair. this is a 5-year-old kindergartner, his smoking buddy? mom. after five weeks of treatment, he struggles with kicking the habit. he gained a whooping 13 pounds since quitting and hasn't lost his cravings. >> translator: he still asks me for cigarettes. he'll say, mom, i want a cigarette. >> reporter: one of the indonesia's many small children battling a big addiction.
12:49 pm
so why is this happening? indonesia has virtually no restrictions when it comes to access. kids can buy cigarettes or advertising. these are packs of cigarettes i got in indonesia. they have a cartoon chasht and race car. packaging like this would be illegal in the united states because of its appeal to children. >> as it should be. there's a soccer ball and giraffe. it looks so sweet and friendly, and that looks like a matchbox car, the marlboro box. >> i met with folk at philip morris and said i can't imagine i was designed to appeal to adults. they said thetd do not market to children and don't want children to smoke and they would like to see tighter restrictions in that country. >> wow. great report. thank you. there's apparently a lot of finger-pointing going on at the white house. right now after tuesday's shellacking in the midterms why the former chief of staff is being blamed. we're back in three. she felt lost...
12:50 pm
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indonesia's mountain erupted last nights. it torched homes and trees. at least 122 people were killed. experts say the overnight blast was six times more powerful than the volcano's initial eruption. first, the big losses, and now the big blame game. fingers are points at the president's former chief of staff, ram rahm emanuel. i'm joined by richard wolf. he left the white house about a month for the election to run for mayor of chicago. you spoke with spormer colleagues that said he should have stuck around because they'll blame him? >> it's hard to argue someone should stick around to be fired or blamed. his critics said there were plenty of reasons they went down on tuesday. two aspects of critics focus on.
12:54 pm
one was that the congressional strategy was his strategy. didn't work for congressional democrats or white house clearly. the second piece of it was his desire to follow his own personal ambition to be in chicago ahead of the election. an election where a number of the people he personally recruited when he was a democratic leader in congress, their seats were on the line. he did not stick around for that. they needed his follow-through and needed him to be there, but he was off on his own. a spokesman for him says that kind of story is a media affair and absurd, and that his timetable was dictated by politics in chicago. >> let's talk about -- i know sourcing is often difficult when trying to get to a story like this by finger pointing. a lot spoke off the record. former senator braun went public with her criticism. she said he abandoned the president. was there anything he could have
12:55 pm
done to change tuesday's outcome, or would he just be the fall guy now? >> there's some of that, too, which is precisely why the alternatives are not attractive. there are many things going on in this election. however, he was the chief strategicist between the take-over the house when they took it over in 2006. he was very important in 2008 as well. at the margin, yes, you could make a difference. some of these races clearly democrats dug out, and it seemed to be fairly random. could someone with his brain have stuck around, could he have actually transitioned into what we all expect to be a shake up inside the white house over the next few weeks koosh? could he have done that as well? >> there's the personal needs and needs of the president. at some point these two things diverged. >> everybody needs a fall guy. that's for sure. richard wolf, good to see you in washington d.c. >> i'm thomas roberts sitting in for contessa.
12:56 pm
the labor departments announces a jump in jobs from last month and she'll speak with labor secretary hilda solis to break it all down for you. that's coming right up. stay with us here on msnbc. [ coughing ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] ♪ something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! this building is tough, but it's never seen the likes of you before. are you going to be a champ or a chump? a champ! show me!
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12:59 pm
right now after months of pain wall street welcomes the approximate best jobs report in five months, but hold off the ticker tape. unemployment is stick stuck at 9.6%. >> the unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, and we have a lot of work to do. this recession caused a great deal of hardship and put millions of people out of work. i won't be satisfied until everybody who is looking for a job can finds one. we have to keep fighting for every job for every new business for every opportunity to get this economy moving. >> but how will he do


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